Everyday+ Large fruit & veg box, with bread & eggs

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  • Large sustainable fruit and veg box, packed with delicious seasonal produce in minimal packaging.

  • This box includes bread and eggs. 

  • Delivered to your door by our friendly First Mile drivers in ultra-low emission delivery vehicles - to London Zones 1-5

  • Any packaging to be collected and reused / recycled when you next order.

  • Please choose your delivery date before you add to cart, and order before 11am if booking for the next day.

    Example box contents below. Exact fruit & veg quantities subject to availability and season, but our boxes will always contain apples, bananas, potatoes, onions, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber plus at least seven other seasonal items.

       Fruit: Salad: Veg: Cupboard:

      2 x red apples
      2 x green apples
      3 x bananas 
      2 x oranges 
      2 x pears
      4 rhubarb sticks

      1 x celery 
      3 x salad tomatoes
      1 x cucumber
      1 x spring onion 
      1 x radish
      1 x beetroot 
      1 x lollo biondi (lettuce)

      2 x parsnips 
      200g flat beans
      1 x onion 
      500g carrots
      5 x koffmann yellow 
      250g mushrooms

      1 x bread
      30 x eggs